Jaguar XF Sportbrake (2012) scooped – the XF estate


We have finally been able to catch a glimpse of the 2012 Jag XF Sport Brake. We saw it while it was been test driven and today it was also confirmed that this is the name that this estate car by Jaguar is going to keep. The style of this Jag was not what they are releasing now from the beginning. However, they were able to accomplish this task and this Jag sure is a beauty.  Not to mention the fact that they still managed to be able to keep the fold down rear seats and added in some extra perks such as additional head room and a ton of toys such as the electric boot operation.
More about Jaguar’s XF estate
From what we have observed we think that under the zebra disguise there is an XF style. Also, the only difference, from what we have been told, seems to be the sporty side glasshouse that is accompanied by coupe graphics which enhance a slightly taller roof. Once all of the disguises have been revealed you will see a car that is going to be talked about for quite a while.
What, like the XJ’s bling-around black D-pillar?
Yes. It has been revealed that it will be similar to the Jaguar XJ when it comes to the pillars. You can see it for yourself sometime in 2012. However, other competitors will be on the market as well such as the BMW 5- series touring, the Mercedes E-class estate and the Audi A6 Avant.


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