Jaguar to Price F-Type Coupe Above Convertible


Australia’s Drive has reported that the F-Type Coupe may be priced above the F-Type Convertible, in an unusual move by Jaguar. However, they are not the first company to have done this with Porsche pricing the Cayman above the Boxster when they are pretty much the same.
Charging more for the car will help emphasise the fact that it is more sporty than the open-air car. It is not clear how close they will be to what Porsche did.
The Cayman and Cayman S have ten additional horsepower to the Boxster and Boxster S. This is obviously very small but the F-Type should be able to get more power from the supercharged engines, where required.
The article also stated that it is likely that now that an F-Type coupe is guaranteed there is likely to be a R and RS model to follow, which is rather exciting. Time will tell what these will be like.


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