Jaguar testing Mystery Car!


Jaguar testing Mystery Car!
Jaguar have a habit of putting together a hard core model and then adding power or suspension and then releasing it as an R model. Then they do even more and make it an R-S model, they may even take some weight out and give it even more power and make it a R-S GT model. Some manufacturers just make the one model, but they certainly do not and have not with the XK model which turned to a XKR and then a XKR-S and finally a XKR-S GT.
It seems that they might be doing a similar thing with the F-type. The model photographed certainly looks like it could be an F-type R-S GT although there is no guarantee. There is an F-Type R which has the same engine as the XKR-S and the XFR-S. It also looks like it has other features of a high performance car.
There are certain features which set the car apart from the existing F-type on offer. This includes a big front splitter like the one on the Project 7 concept car. It also has a big rear wing and the alloys are big and look lightweight. It also looks like a roadster which has managed 500hp with the V8 S model. It is not easy to predict what this might be but it certainly looks like if this R-S GT (or whatever they decide to call it) does go on the market it will certainly be impressive.


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