Jaguar F-Type Coupe First Look


The entire automotive world is eagerly waiting for the Jaguar F-Type. The new sports car coming out of the stable of Jaguar has seen excitement galore and now we had a predictive look at the new coupe version. It seems that those patent sketches were nothing but a warm up for the F-Type. This is the real deal as it seems from the new set of spy images of the same.
As stated by the photographer of these spy images, the security around F coupe was really tight. The photographer had to hide in his clandestine SUV’s cargo area to get a snap. The images are still not perfectly clear as you must be seeing the odd color. It is nothing but the window tint though. Still, you should be able to see the rakish silhouette of the hardtop which is sure to do justice to the convertible. To be honest, this new top should flow absolutely fine into the rear haunches of the car.
Reportedly, F-Type Coupe is going to share an engine lineup with the roadster which denotes that two supercharged V6s, along with a super V8 option should be available. Hot R-S and R versions of the Jaguar Coupe form a virtual lock. However, how far down the product pipelines are there, is still not pretty clear.


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