Jaguar Confirms F-Type Car


Jaguar Confirms F-Type Car
Jaguar’s latest F-type is progressing to be a sports car – with news of the super charged V6s, including super charged V8 power and complete engine line up, confirmed by jaguar. The concept of Jaguar F-Type was initially presented in 2000. Recently, the owner of Jaguar announced that new F-Type development is to proceed though no launch date has been confirmed. The car will be amazing as it will have the effect its predecessor had fifty years before.
Cars artists have revealed the cover of the official shots. It was issued by jaguar on confirmation that the project has been confirmed. These photographs give a fair idea about the look of the model. The model is set to be launched in spring. Still, the date has not been confirmed. One can expect prices to begin at about $55,000, placing it hit bang between the 911 porches Cayman. Amongst all the hype at the Beijing motor show 2012, jaguar has announced a wide array of engines for the latest 2013 F-type. It includes 5.0 V8 (543bhp or 503bhp forms), 3.0 V6 supercharged (339lb and 375bhp ft at 1800rpm), 3.0 V6 supercharged (332lb and 335bhp ft at 1800rpm).

No economy or performance figures are announced. Moreover, estimating by the compact design and aluminum construction, it will be quite rapid. Similarly, the lower powered V6 in heavy XF will offer 0-62mph in 5.7second. In short, even the most affordable F-type will have accurate performance certifications. The model will closely imitate the jaguar C-X16 concept car.

Furthermore, the latest quad-cam 3 liter V6 engine is developed from existing 5 liter V8 family. It shares uneven valve timing, aluminum construction and direct fuel injection. It even includes stop/start ad drives via an 8-speed ZF automatic. In fact, that is the key to the future choice to add the mix module for a petrol electric car.

The actual capacity of this model is 2995cc. Jag even highlights a latest system of counter balancing weights utilized to match the larger V8 brother smoothness. According to hallmark, with respect to performance and driver involvement, the F-Type will begin where XKRs ends even with comparatively less power.  It will be more focused sports car to an extent rather than a luxury model.


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