Jaguar Announces Five Year Plans for Five Cars


Jaguar Announces Five Year Plans for Five Cars
Jaguar has recently shown what the new XE will look like and that will be entering the sports saloon market with the intention of fighting the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-class. However, this is just the start of things to come with plans for the British brand to take on bigger companies such as those in Germany. It is planning to compete with Mercedes, Audi and BMW with a whole host of new cars.
In 2015 it plans to increase the F-type to a whole new range. It will keep the models up to date and by 2016 will see all-wheel drive on most of the models. There will also be a Jaguar Speedster on the cards. There are also plans to release a four-cylinder F type that will use the same 2.0 litre twin turbo engine as will be used for the Evoque R-S and capable of 300 bhp. The top of the range F-type will be capable of 600bhp but will be limited to just about 50 models of the GT coupe street racer. These ultimate editions will be put together by the to order division. It is expected that there will be a R R-S and a GT edition of each. It is also predicted that endurance car racing could be in Jaguars future but not something they are working on at the present time.
In 2016 there are plans for a new XF to appear. This will change it chassis to the new aluminium architecture from the ancient Ford DEW98 that it has at the moment. This will allow it to have more space, efficiency and refinement. This has the codename X260 and it is expected to arrive late 2015 or early 2016 and then twelve months later a estate version to follow. This will fit in a slightly more upmarket area and will have the new four cylinder engine. There will be the option of all-wheel drive and it will be the same size but more space efficient. There will be R-S and GT versions providing higher levels of horsepower at 550bhp and 600bhp.
In 2017 there are plans for a new flagship sports car. This will have a stretched F-type platform with a bigger and bolder XR-type. This will compete with the Bentley Continental GT with good leg and head room, large boot and other significant comfort features. The XR name could change but if used would separate the car from the XK. The price would double and so be around the £110,000 mark which is a bit less that the Aston DB9 and the Bentley. There could be the addition of V6 engines to keep it economical and more appealing and there would almost certainly be a soft top option.
In 2018 it is expected that there will be a new XJ (currently codenames X360). This will be a more pared back version to the current car so a more conventional vehicle. It will have traditional proportions but will look stylish and modern and have a luxurious inside. There will be two options with regards to wheelbase with a luxury limo option as well as a standard saloon.
2019 could see a four seater coupe based on the XJ architecture. This would look perhaps rather like the earlier XJS or the XJ6/12 C. This could end up being the only rival to the Mercedes S-class coupe as it seems that BMW are unlikely to revive the 8-series and Audi have not sighed off the A9. The range could start with a V6 engine but have options including a V8 GT capable of 650 bhp. It could be a car that is rather close to the XR coupe though although it will be cheaper and less stylish and dynamic in looks as well as no convertible option available.
In 2020 there are plans for a frugal small car. This is becayse there will be new EU emissions regulations and so super efficient models are necessary. It is possible that there could be a baby Jaguar with front and all-wheel drive on the horizon.


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