It’s a win-win with the cool new SMP app!


The leading motor parts producer and Supplier Company Standard Motor Parts has launched its new mobile app which allows customers to track and find the aftermarket parts of their automobiles. The app is a gift from the company to anyone who is in the automobile sector and/or is a motor enthusiast. The app is designed to track all the SMP products made till date. Any customer will be able to find the needed part for his vehicle just in a few touches on the phone. The app is designed for Android and iOS platforms, and is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Any smartphone user can download this app for free and get quick access to the huge catalogue of SMP parts.

The sweepstakes is promising to offer huge benefits to the customers and promoters of this app; the lucky ones can get their hands on many cool gadgets and amazing gift coupons.

  • Those who have acted fast enough to be on the top 500 list of participants will get a portable phone charger.
  • The customers with some very fascinating luck can get their hands dirty with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphones.
  • The leading motor parts company is happy to give Apple Touch, iPods to its trusted promoters.
  • If you are interested in getting into sweepstakes, you can just visit To fill the registration form you will need to download this app. The time bar for registration is from January 15th to March 31st 2015.

Image - SMP App Icon

The Motor Parts Company ensured that it fulfils all the advanced purposes of the customers.

These are the top gimmicks of the App which makes it a must have thing on your smart phone

Image - SMP App Screens

  • The app is accessible on every smart phone and is available for free.
  • Through the app you can access the whole product catalogue of SMP products and can search for any car part that you need for your car.
  • The automobile industry professionals can go through the parts list and find their intended Aftermarket parts, which are in reality very hard to find. SMP has shouted out its parts gallery to all the mobile screens.
  • The app is structured for optimum user interface. A customer can search for a part by entering details like part number, Model, engine details, Manufacturing year, and make. The app uses these filters to display the right motor part.
  • The customer can see all the specifications of the motor part just by clicking on it. So by any chance when a customer wants to know if the desired part is compatible with his car or wants to know the pricing of the part, it is all there. The app makes it all easy for the customer.
  • In a standard result the app delivers multiple pictures of the part, the preferred way of its installation, Q & A videos, important features, complete specs and other best alternatives.
  • A customer can also search for the compatible motor parts for his car by entering his vehicles VIN number.
  • UPC scanning is the best feature of this app which offers you all the important details about the part just by scanning its UPC code.
  • The app gives you the complete overview of all the famous SMP brands like Hayden, ACI, TechSmart, CompressorWorks and many more.
  • Customers can also store searches in the app for future references.
  • For any other info, you can visit the official website

You can also watch this video tutorial

to know more about using this app for best refined results.

This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here are my own, I have received compensation from Standard Motor Products, Inc., to review information.


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