Is Your Car Ready for the Winter?


Arguably, your vehicle is amongst the first and most important belongings you should properly look after in the run up to the winter months. Apart from the obvious simple checks, preparing your car for the colder weather is vital and it requires a lot of time and attention. When the temperature plummets, our motors can easily let us down and leave us stranded at the side of the road, but there’s a way to avoid the chaos of driving in the winter months.

Winter car.

Things to Check Before Winter

Winter is the most beautiful and snug time of year, right? With a scattering of snow and a touch of frost, there is no better time of year to sit around and get into the Christmas spirit once and for all. But when it comes to being on the road when the colder weather hits, that feeling starts to fade away and causes a lot of panic and chaos, too.

There are so many parts of your car that should be checked before you head out onto the roads in the winter. For many drivers, the thought of winter approaching has encouraged these checks earlier on to avoid any inconvenience, but for some, winter has prolonged the prepping period. While many have now started to run through a series of checks and inspections, knowing where to start is not always simple. Follow the checks below:

Visibility Check
this includes headlights and brake lights. Ensuring these are fully operational is vital when it comes to driving during the winter months, and since the days are shorter and the mornings are darker, this should be one of the first checks you make!
Antifreeze Level Check
even in the winter, your engine can become exhausted and overheated.
Topping up your antifreeze fluid will help reduce this risk to a minimum and keep your engine running at the right temperature, too.
Battery Reliability
knowing whether your battery will withstand the winter is easy and is a matter of knowing its age. Should your battery be more than five years old, you should look at having this replaced with a new one before the winter even approaches.
without wipers in the winter, you’d have trouble seeing clearly through your windscreen. Checking that these are working properly is a matter of flicking the switch and keeping your eyes peeled for delayed movement or trouble clearing the windscreen.
car tyres have a specific tread depth, and if they are not of this depth and are below the legal limit, you shouldn’t really be driving your car in the UK. Many drivers take a 20 pence coin and measure tread depth this way, while others automatically replace their tyres before the winter season.

Handy Extras to Keep in the Car

Of course, there are plenty of complications when it comes to driving in the winter. For many, the thought of breaking down and being left stranded at the side of the road is one that results in panic, but there’s a couple of handy extras you can keep in your car in case the unexpected happens.

Whether you’d keep an emergency kit in the boot, the glove box or the backseat of your car, it’s always a good idea to put together an emergency pack that includes a medical kit and stash it somewhere in your motor in preparation for the winter months. Not just that but keeping your car insurance details at hand is a great idea, just in case you breakdown or need to exchange them with another driver.


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