Is This a New premium Minivan from Acura?


Acura It was not expected that there would be a new Acura Minivan, but it looks like spy photographers have managed to spot one in testing on a rainy road with lots of disguised. There are very few details about it because of how covered up it is though. However, it does have some signs of being an Acura. The front grille looks just like the one on the latest MDX and so is a big giveaway and the placement of the rear door handle implies that it is a sliding door. Inside it looks like there might be some luxury fittings too and there appears to be an Acura logo taped over in the middle of the steering wheel. The photographers think that the minivan might have a V6 nine speed automatic engine; the same as some of the TLX vehicles and it will also be likely to have Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. It is thought by the photographers as well that it might be a bit wider than the Honda Odyssey which will allow more room inside. It does seem to be a luxury model and therefore it would be expected that it would be more comfortable for the seven passengers including those on the second row. It could be that this will be launched in 2016 or 2017. It is thought to be an interesting time for the company to be trying to launch a luxury people carrier. Earlier in the year there was a report that said that crossovers are taking a lot of sales from Minivans but premium versions are still doing well and so they may be hoping that there will still be a demand in the luxury end of this market.


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