Is there a Final Edition R8 Hardcore on the Cards from Audi?


Audi R8 It is expected that the current Audi R8 has very little life left in it but spoy photos taken recently have shown that it will not be disappearing quietly. There was a test car spotted and although covered in camouflage, it looks either like a faster or more aerodynamic version of the R8. The car was seen parked in Europe and the tall rear wing can be seen obviously even from behind the disguise. This is the most obvious change to the aerodynamics but there are some other visible changes as well. There is a diffuser at the back and the exhausts look like those on the R8 V10 Plus. The front and sides also have new winglets and sills. It is expected that this could be another variation of the first supercar from Audi and it will be interesting to see what develops from it.


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