Is the Fiat Doblo Lending a Facelift to the Ram ProMaster City?


Spy photographers have photographed what looks like a new Fiat Doblo. This is just a European cargo van and not something that many people may have an interest in. However, the car will soon be on sale in the US but with the name of Ram ProMaster City.
It was a few months ago when it was announced that there would be a Promaster City which is a smaller version of the Ram Promaster. This is a rebadged cargo van from Fiat. It can be likened to the Ford Transit having a Chrysler version. There have been vans made by European companies that are sold in the US by companies that deal on both sides of the Atlantic.
There has been an official announcement that the vehicle will arrive but no more information has been given. The disguised car looks like it has a new front end and some changes at the back as well. The inside cannot be seen but it was covered up and that implies that there are some changes being made to it. Time will tell what those changes might be and whether the car really is getting as any changes to the inside as well.


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