Is Lincoln getting its own version of the Ford Escape?


Is Lincoln getting its own version of the Ford Escape?
Lincoln is planning to release a new version of a small crossover built car which will be based on the model of Ford Escape. Somewhere around the city of Detroit, this model was viewed by the spy photographers. This new version the car is slightly bigger than its non luxury version, however the model consists of the newer version of the Ecoboost four cylinder. It is in the news that the vehicle will incorporate 2.7 liter turbocharged, direct-injection four-cylinder engine, however there is not much information that is available about the power of the vehicle. The next big question that comes up is as to what this latest version be called. However, there is every possibility that the company will be making use of its own nomenclature of MK that it has been using and the initial reports indicate that the CUV version may be launched under the MKD banner. But your next question would now be why a D is added to the MK banner. It is quite obvious that this luxury CUV segment is a big powerhouse at this moment and Lincoln would not miss out an opportunity to sell its new car under this segment. However, it cant be said for now if this MKD will prove to be much more that the gussied up Ford.


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