Is It the New BMW X5?


There have been some new leaked photos of an uncamouflaged BMW X5. These were taken by a diecast midel maker in the same vein as the ones of the 2014 Merceds-benz CLA in China. Obvioulsy someone at Jadi modelcraft or diecast Empire will be in big trouble for this, if they get caught.
The picture was taken from a Jadi brochure and posted on the Facebook page belonging to Diecast Empire. The guess is that it is the F15 BMW X5 and when it is compared to the latest spy shots of the prototypes, it seems to tie up. Some of the features have been carefully covered when the car is out testing and this photo reveals them. This are the swage line cut, metal trim between the opening above the number plate and kidney grille and the headlight corners.
There is writing on the door of the model and this is not shown in the spy pictures. It could be the xDrive badge. The real things should be revealed pretty soon and then all of those questions will be answered at last.


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