Is Ferrari Already Testing a successor to the 458?


It seems like the Ferrari 458 has not been around for long and spy photographers have taken pictures of something that could be replacing it. However, as the car was launched back in 2009 that means that it has been on the market for five years and it is the oldest model in the company’s current line up. It also is old within its market sector and is competing with new designs in the McLaren 650S and the Lamborghini Huracan which have only been around for a few months.
The car pictured was a white 458 and it was testing in the snow in Northern Sweden. Its wheel arches looked a bit strange and there was tape on the panel gap between the quarter panel and rear fender and modifications elsewhere on the wheel arches. It is difficult to know what might be going on but it certain looks intriguing.
It may be that this test car was just trying out a few new components but if it is a new 458 replacement then it is likely that it will be spotted again. It could take a good few years to get something new which means that there would be a lot more chances of sightings. It will mean that by then the current 458 will be seven years old and will have been on the market longer that the F430 or 360 Modena.


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