Is an Electrified XE being Tested by Jaguar?


Jaguar There have been lots of rumours lately about Jaguar Land Rover’s moves towards electric. These have been backed up by some recent spy shots. The pictures were taken in Spain where the XE was seen together with XF and F-Pace prototypes all well camouflaged. The big clue with the XE is the back as it has a blue bade with ‘E’ on it under the rear light. This implies ‘electric’ and the fact that there are other test cars does as well. Unfortunately there is no other evidence at all and no clues as to what the engine might be like. There have been indications from Jaguar Land Rover for a long time that they are looking to build greener cars. They even founded an engineering centre in 2013 for this purpose. It has been rumoured that the F-Pace is having an electric powertrain made for it and also for the Land Rover as well. Jaguar has also got a trademark with the name EV-Type. This certainly provides more evidence to the rumours that electric cars are on their way from Jaguar Land Rover.


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