Is a Ranger-like Everest SUV Coming From Ford?


A Ford Concept for the Australian market called the Everest was spotted back in August. This is an SUV based on a Ranger and is still in early stages. A car has been spotted which looks like it could be it and it is likely that it will be called the Everest.
The mule photographed has front and rear doors that are misaligned which means that it is a very early model still. The vehicle has the front end of a Ranger and the back of a Ford crossover. The wheelbase is shorter than that found on a Ranger, which seems strange for a vehicle that is passenger orientated. It is expected that there will be disc brakes on all wheels and a new rear suspension.
It is thought that the Everest concept will look very much like the finished production model. There will be some changes of course, such as to the inside but this cannot be seen in the photos as everything is covered up.
The spy photographer reckons that the Ford of Australia is developing the Everest even though Ford is not doing local manufacturing in the country. It seems that it will import vehicles in there and there will probably still be design offices in there as well. Therefore it would seem to make sense that development operations could also stay in the country as well.
It is expected that the production car will be seen at the end of the year and then ready to sell in 2015.


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