Interior spy shots – 2010 Opel Astra


2010 opel astra spy

2010 Opel Astra will get a very decent interior, which will be made in the same style as that of the sedan Insignia (he comes to replace the Vectra). What should be the basic model and complete list of options is still unclear. This information will be available after 2008 Paris Motor Show. Presentation of the new Opel Astra is scheduled for March 2009.

2010 astra interior

new astra interior


  1. Really dont like the dash if that is what it looks like. they should keep it similar to the current one.. really nice and easy to use!

  2. It’s not even the rival of megane!
    French cars are the most boring cars of the world. They have no ergonomy. Also new megane has a dull and useless interior design as well as the exterior. Caterpillars are also the safest vehicles but you don’t buy one to go to work. Or the Volvo. If you want to be safe there’s no alternative. But how many Volvos do you see everyday?!?! Germans do spend time on every single part of the car. There’s no logical mistakes on german cars like putting the emergency light switch or cruise control switch near the hand break. Quality is not a matter of our personal taste!!!

  3. I think that the interior design of current Astra is more beautiful than these photos. But I loved the outer design from the

  4. mert2mert, I disagree with you. Look at where VW placed the emergency brake switch in the Passat. A silly button at the extreme left of the dashboard! What will ever happen if the driver faints or suffers a heart attack while driving? With a good old emergency brake in the center at least the passenger would have a better chance to stop the car. Plus, the German obsession of having now everything electric and exclusive! Even to remove a Passat’s signal light lightbulb you have to take it to the dealership! Not to mention how many times I had to take it back for warranty repairs. And, if you see the warranties for German cars (except for the always great Mercedes), they are extremely short. Bottomline: German cars may have great performance when they work, but they are not the last Coke in the desert. They are as clunkers as any other and the ergonomics can be pretty silly as in others.

  5. Opel astra 2009 elegante! awesome look awesome handling awesome Manual gearbox, very comfortable OPEL ASTRA The Road warrior!


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