Interior Shots Taken of the Mercedes-Benz S Class


The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is almost at production stages now, which means that during testing, less disguise is being used on the cars. This means that it is possible to get more and more clues as to what the final car might look like. It is expected that it might be unveiled at New York or Geneva when they hold their auto shows.  The latest shots were taken mainly of the inside of the car, which is pretty rare and difficult to do and therefore revealing some new information.

The interior of the car did not look that different to the current S-class version of the Mercedes. It does have better technology, which would be expected. Everything looks a bit classier as well with larger areas of wood and door panels that have a better shape although they are now missing the arm rest areas. There is also a two spoke steering wheel. The most noticeable things are the two digital screens which are used for driver information as well as navigation and entertainment. It also has a 360 degree camera like the new GL-class has. It will also be getting the MBrace2 infotainment system which is cloud based.

The outside of the car looks much like the current S-Class but looks to have a few changes to make it look more like the newer Mercedes models. This includes a larger grille on the front and LED headlights that are quite aggressive. There is also a rear brake light on the top of the back window and the boot opening is pointier. The exhausts also have outlets in the corners and the whole rear fascia is squarer.


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