Interior of Alfa Romeo Revealed


Interior of Alfa Romeo Revealed
The latest spy shots of the Alfa Romeo 4C have revealed more about what to expect from the interior. The car is going on sale in 2014 in the US and was seen being tested in Michigan on the roads there, implying they want to make sure it works well in US conditions.  
The driver did try to block the lens of the photographer, so obviously they had plenty to want to hide. However, there were enough pictures taken to get some interesting clues about the car. The pictures show that the transmission is a pushbutton and there is no gear lever at all. There was an A/M button which implied that there could be both a manual and automatic mode which probably means that the shifter must be behind the steering wheel. There is also a metal switch on the console which could change between the two drive modes. Also on the centre console are the window controls, side view mirror and hazard light button.
It seems like the gauge cluster is all digital and similar to those on Cadillac and Jaguar who also have reconfigurable units. The display on the screen shows a numeral speed readout and a tachometer but it is expected that this will be something that can be changed by the owner, as most of these can be. Therefore what is displayed may be changed.
Therefore these shots of the inside of the car are rather a mixed bag. The above looks rather high tech but there is a traditional ignition key, standard media controls, manual hand brake and simple look. Therefore they are mixing some more basic and simple features with some modern and high tech ones. This could be a basic version which may come with a lower price as part of that, but it is hoped that there will be a sports version that may offer more exciting goodies inside.


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