Interesting Porsche Seen in Testing


Porsche is quickly producing more and more versions of the 911 with better and better performance. It debuted with the 997 Carrera in 2004 and then followed with a GT3 in 2006, then a GT3 RS and GT2 in 2007. Then in 2008 there was a face lifted 997.5, 2009 saw a GT3 and 2010 saw a GT2 RS and GT3 RS and then  things went a bit quiet.
In 2011 there was a new Carrera and then a GT3 in 2012. It should be that there are two new hard core models by now but there are not. It could be that attention has been elsewhere but it seems that there may be something new happening from what spy photographers have taken pictures of recently.
It is difficult to tell by looking at the car whether it might be a GT3 RS or GT2 but it does look more hard core than the GT3 that is currently available. This is good news as many people have said that it is tyoo soft because of the four wheel steering and automatic transmission.
There are some major differences between the GT3, GT2 and GT3 RS. The GT3 is a performance focussed version of the 911 with the GT3-RS being even more so but still with a naturally aspirated engine.  The GT2 has twin turbochargers just like the 911 Turbo has but it does not have all-wheel drive. Porsche is likely to have either decided on a GT2 or GT3 RS but it is difficult to tell as the clues are all under the bonnet. It may or may not have turbo chargers and may or may not have manual transmission or dual clutch but it will have great performance whatever happens to it.


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