Interesting Ford Photographed


Some pictures have emerged of a Ford, that could possibly be a Bullitt Mustang. This legendary model has only been offered twice before in 2001 and 2008 and so if this is what it is, then it is a very exciting prospect.
The name comes from the film Bullitt where a dark highland green coloured Mustang Fastback was driven by Steve McQueen and famous for the high speed chase and the driver.
The spy photographers have reported that the paint colour looks to be the correct shade of green and although it does look like it, there is also a new colour for 215 called ‘Guard’ which is like it too. It is hard to know for sure, even by looking very closely at the pictures.
The wheels of the car are of interest as well though. They do not have the Torq-Thrust look of the Bullitt editions but there are some other clues. In the grille has just a single galloping pony and the back badge has straight chrome bars rather than the red, white and blue ones. These are very subtle things though.
It is hard to know whether this is enough to say that it is a Bullitt or not. It could just be a 2015 with the Guard coloured paint and new wheels especially as it seems a bit early to be putting forward a Bullitt idea when they normally come later in a models lifecycle. It is certainly an exciting prospect and it would be great to know for sure, but we will just have to be patient to see whether an announcement is made officially or any other spy pictures are taken of similar vehicles which may confirm or deny the rumours.


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