Inside outside photos of the 2014 Ram HD


Our very skillful spy photographers have captured images of the 2014 Ram HD before the launch of the truck next year. From the photographs, it looks like the manufacturers have bestowed the pickup with new projector headlamp arrays, a new grille and LED tail lamps. Whether the upgraded rear light arrays will be standard or optional equipment as they are on the 2013 Ram 1500 is yet to be seen.
The photographs show a glimpse of the truck’s interior and the great news is that the truck’s cabin has an addition- a new massive touch screen interface. This new interface will have a screen much larger than the 8.4 inches UConect piece found on so many Crystler products. Many Ram enthusiasts are waiting to see what kind of functionality the new technology will bring to the table.The all-new 2014 Ram is looking all set to leverage a suspension design, which has been revised. Interlink images show that the front multilink seems to have become a single trailing arm setup. The shock absorbers seem to have been changed as well. Photographs also reveal that the RAM engineers were working very hard to ensure that the trucks stayed inside the enclosed trailers during nighttime. What power train will be seen on these heavy-duty haulers seems unclear as of now.
Rumor has it that these trucks will make their debut at the Chicago Auto Show in 2013.


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