Information on the New BMW G30


The next BMW 5-series car will have some great features including the ability to drive itself, three cylinder engines that are very frugal and a 600bhp M5. This means that there will even be something for those who do not like driving.
The car is codenamed the G30 and it will be the sixth generation of the executive saloon from BMW and is due to arrive in summer 2016. There will also be a new 5-series Gran Turismo in the spring and a Touring estate in the autumn. It is expected that the saloon car will have a new platform which will be full of exciting technology.
The car is being called the 35up as it is everything from the 3 and 5 series upwards, including the next 6 and 7 series. It will use four wheel and rear wheel drive components. The platform will be 80kg less that the current 5-series with high strength steel, carbonfibre and aluminium.
The M5 is 180kg lighter and also has the option of four wheel drive and has a uprated version of the current twin turbo V8 4.4 litre engine and will be capable of 600bhp. This should give an impressive performance.
The lower weight means that the 5-series can use the power form three cylinder engines with the entry level 518d being a 1.5 litre turbocharged diesel. This is capable of 150bhp and 72.7mpg which is very impressive and even higher on the most fuel efficient 5-series models.
The 500cc cylinders are being grouped together so that there are three, four and six pot engine options with over half of the parts being shared. There will be a 2.0 litre engine with four cylinders to power the 520d and 525d producing 231bhp. The leading petrol is the 528i which can do 272bhp. The engine sizes will determine which suspension they have with the smaller engine models having the same front axles as the next 3-series and the 5-series with their six or eight cylinders having the same front axle as the 7-series.
There has been a trend to downsize but there will still be a lot of choice for those who like the BMW straight six with the 530i offering 333bhp and the 540i offering 375bhp in petrol versions. There will also be 530d offering 286bhp, 535d with 333bhp and 550d with 400bhp and with four turbochargers.
There will be hybrid versions and a plug in one which can lower its charge adapter to a plate mounted on a garage floor for inductive charging.
The hi-tech car will change lanes and overtake for the drive and park itself. It will use cruise control that is radar controlled to make sure that it stays in lane and also detect a car ahead, signal before pulling out to overtake it.
The electronic architecture can have remote updates so it can be kept updated but it is likely that this will cost extra money.


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