Information on the Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG (2015)


The SLCAMG is the successor to the SLS supercar for Mercedes. It will be smaller that the original and therefore more agile and in the same market section as the Porsche 811. It will therefore be cheaper, with a starting price of just £70,000 and it will have a smaller engine which will be a V6. The name has not yet been officially revealed although C190 is its current codename it is expected that it will be a SLC. Engineers have been said to prefer SLR as this is a name that has not been seen for a while.
The new car will have an aluminium spaceframe based on that of the SLS. However, it will need to find a way to reduce the cost of this because the price of the car is lower. It is possible that the architecture can be easily changed in size which could help but there will also be a V8 option which could have an accelerated price to cover the costs of this.
The gullwing doors will not be appearing in the new model, despite being eye catching. There will be more conventional side hinged panels which will help to reduce the weight and make the car stiffer in the body. There were always two designs planned for the SLS but this is not the case with this model which will only come out as a fixed-head version.
The layout of the front mid engine has dominated the proportions of the car. This means that there is a large grille, which is oval in shape on the front which is upright. This makes it look at bit like the W196 monoposto although the way the shoulders curve and the narrow greenhouse look more like the 300Sl did. There is also a sloping back, which looks rather like that of the SL. It also has the diamond shaped air vents which is very characteristic of the SL too.
The engine is predicted to come in two V8 versions. One having a twin turbo 4.0 litre which will cost around £80k and produce 500lb ft and 485bhp. The SLC is heavier and would be expected to have an additional 85bhp so that it can match the Porsche that it will be rivalling.
The SLC S will be £35k more but it will be able to perform much better with 563bhp. It also has carbon-ceramic brakes, bucket seats and a go faster kit, on top of the better V8 engine. It will produce 585bhp as well as 553lb ft with a free flow exhaust that has four end pipes and a much larger intake plenum. This will measure up to the 911 Turbo S as both have a seven speed dual clutch transmission. It is also predicted that there may be a GT derivative and possibly a black series.
It has been announced that later in 2016 there will be an entry level V6 model. This will be priced at just £70,000 and will be in the market position as the 350bhp Carrera as it will be capable of 333bhp from the 3.0 litre power plant. It could have a better weight distribution as well although a 4WD version is not possible because of the transaxle layout.
It is also hoped that there might be a R190 roadster but it has been claimed it is a myth. However, a different body style has not been completely ruled out and maybe something like the 300SLR could be on the cards. Mercedes have applied for a patent for a four door body like the SLS/SLC but it has not yet been approved.


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