Information on the 2015 Honda CR-V


Information on the 2015 Honda CR-V
This is a mid-cycle refresh of the Honda CR-V which is a popular crossover model. There are no sheet metal changes to the car but the front and back fascia’s do have some changes to make them look classier. There is a new grille with two slats on the front which has a chrome underscore which will replace the current three bar grille. The headlamps are HID and look squintier and replace the large halogens that are standard on all 2014 CR-Vs at the moment, these could be a higher trim option though, The fornt bumper looks more sculpted and has horizontal fog lamps which have chrome trim and replace the round bulbs on the current model.
The back has changes too with the tail fate having a three dimensional garnish below the back window and the tail lams look to be slightly different as well. The bumper has a new shape too and there is more body colour on it than on the current one. The wheels are new and futuristic looking and seem to be larger than the 16 and 17 inch options on the current car.
The photographer also noted that the dashboard had covers over it which means that there is going to be some updates inside the cabin as well. It is expected that this could be the new HondaLink infotainment system and navigation which are in the 2014 Civic as well as the 2015 Fit and it may even have the CarPlay iOS integration system form Apple.
Honda are needing to keep this car fresh because it is seeing string competition from the Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5. The reduction of cladding on the bumper and bright work will make it look more upscale and will offer some breathing room to the HR-V crossover which is due in the winter.
It was just less than two years ago when the CR-V got to a second place out of six in a comparison with other cars in its segment and it is going to have to evolve if it wants to stay high up there.
The platform will not change until the car has its full redesign which is due in 2017 or 2018. The powertrain has always been good but it is expected that the 2.4 litre four cylinder engine will have an upgrade and probably to a 2.4 litre four injected engine which will reach 189 horsepower, so slightly higher than the current model. It is expected that they will use this opportunity to update the car possibly adding the option of a hybrid when the full update occurs in the future.
The car will see competition from the Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, Jeep Cheroke, Toyota Rav4 and Mazda CX-5. It is expected that it will appear in the autumn and the price will be similar to the current model which starts at $21k and goes up to $31,450 with all the extras added.


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