Information on Mercedes Benz GLA


Information on Mercedes Benz GLA
The Mercedes Benz crossover earlier called as GLC will develop into a GLA. GLA is a compact model meant to take on the BMW XI. The Mercedes were planning a compact crossover to add on the latest A/B class cars. When you get closer to checking the car in nearby showrooms then you will notice that the car that has started as the BLK got tagged as GLC and now called GLA. Earlier, it was believed that GLA will be more like an X6 competitor. Moreover, now sources reveal that GLA will share its MFA or Mercedes Front-Wheel Drive Architecture with coming years new B-Class and new A-Class. With respect to dimensions, compact crossover will closely look like the B-Class and its outer surface dimensions will make it a bit lower, narrower and longer than Audi Q3 or Range Rover Époque while keeping a longer wheelbase.
In comparison to BMW X1, the compact crossover will be bit shorter. BMW’s X1 is bit longer than the compact crossover and provides a wheelbase which is 60mm longer. The fresh interpretation of the GLA is provided by the recent Mercedes design language evolution by GW (Gordon Wagener) and his team. The daring look of the A-class rear door and 2012 Beijing motor show concept with approval of Wedgey Evoque reveal a sportier like profile than the more conventional SUV look of the GLK presently on sale in left-hand drive markets. Different from GLK, United Kingdom clients will be able to buy the GLA.

Transmission system and power plants will reflect the present A/B class variety with a variety of turbo-diesels and 4-cylinderdirect injection petrol engines matched to 4 or front wheel drive transmissions. Even though the GLA marketplace appears to be a better hunting are for the best marquees presently, Mercedes is beginning its MFA range extension with the smooth CLA 4-door, viewed as the CSC. According to recent report, production CLA is awaited to be launched in the month of spring 2013 with the compact crossover arriving soon after in the year. Nevertheless, when we take into consideration the popularity chart, the Mercedes Benz GLA SUV can be ensured of a huge success as it has an affordable price tag.


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