Information about the P13 McLaren 500S


Information about the P13 McLaren 500S
McLaren is launching the P13 soon, which could be called the 500S when it arrives at the beginning of the summer. This name would come from the 500bhp output as well as the range position which will be below the 650S.
It is expected that the sports car will be in the lower end of the market, meaning lower than £160,000 which is an area that Ferrari and Lamborghini have chosen to avoid. This means that the company will be rivalling the GT3 and Turbo 911 and the company want to be able to do this in order to keep their long term position in the car market.
McLaren has also stated that they will be rivalling the BMW M6, Nissan GT-R, Maserati Alferi and Mercedes GT AMG.
The car will therefore have to price itself so that it is competitive with these other cars. It has been guessed that the car could be around £110,000 starter price. The P13 is the third model which has been based on the same carbon fibre chassis as the 2011 McLaren Automotive was. The new case is similar in size to the 650S and P1 but it has a modified shell. There will be more room in the cabin as well as extra storage space behind the seats. The sills are slimmer and the passenger cell is tougher. The car is designed to be more practical than the 650S.
The shape of it is quite distinct according to Frank Stephenson who is the design director. He explained that with some brands of car they have distinct styles which mean that they are easily identified but as McLaren does not have that then they can have any shape that they wish. He explained that with a very creative albeit small team they have an exciting mix of people working on the design of the new car.
The new product will be flexible and have a wheelbase that can be varied in width and length. It will have a twin turbo 3.8 litre V8 engine that has been detuned and it will manage 500bhp. It has been reported that there will be three versions of the car with a Coupe, Spider and GTS becoming available. The entry level hard top coupe will arrive summer 2015 and then the Spider will arrive in 2016 and will be a roadster convertible. The GTS will appear in 2018 and will be a sportier more lightweight model. There will then be a facelift of the whole range in 2019.
Inside the cabin there will be a centre stack with most of the secondary controls on it and it will be more ergonomic with a bigger touch screen that is easier to see.
There will also be a heads up display which will be on all future McLarens as well as a fold down driver side visor. The voice control will be better and there will be a selector to change the calibration of the engine as well as shock absorbers. There will also ne two lightweight materials which will be used for structure and cosmetic functions.


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