Information about the Audi Sport Quattro Laser Light Concept


Audi has a lighting Leadership which means that it has a big love of LED lights. They have a signature design of LED running lights and they were very early adopters of head lights and rear lights with LEDs. However, LED lights are very common now with even economy cars now using them. There is also the challenge from BMW who decided that they would not use LED’s at all but work on laser headlights instead. Audi is now keeping up with this and they have decided to work on laser headlights themselves. They are going to be using them in their Sport Quattro concept car in fact, which will be at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.
BMW have not yet revealed their laser headlights which means that Audi have effectively got ahead of them. The Sport Quattro Laser Light Concept photographed had four laser lit lights. These are powered by laser diodes rather than just pure laser beams and they apparently have a 1640 foot range which is twice that of an LED. They are three times as bright as LED lights as well when they are set to full beam and they only measure a few centimetres. On the Sport Quattro they have been mixed with the matrix LED which is likely to help them to use their technology for auto high beam. This is not the companies first time of using laser though, they did put a laser fog light on the back of their A2 concept, but they have never used them on headlights before.
The Sport Quattro Laser light Concept is an adaptation of the Sport Quattro concept that they exhibited at Frankfurt with the addition of the laser diodes of course. It is a rich red colour and looks to have the 700-hp hybrid powertrain. The electric motor is paired to a 4.0 litre twin turbo engine which has an eight speed transmission powering all wheels. The lithium ion battery which is 14.1 kwh it can go 31 miles on just electric power and is capable of 190 mph and reach 62mph on 3.7 seconds. It is expected that this hybrid engine might appear on the market sooner than the cool laser lights, but only time will tell. It is expected that the lights will take at least a few years to appear on the market but the limited production Sport Quattro would be welcome on the market any time soon!


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