Infiniti QX60 2016 Underwent Its First Test-Drive


Infiniti QX60 2016 Underwent Its First Test-Drive

After releasing QX80 crossover with the body in the shape of truck, Infiniti decided to present an automobile with three rows – QX60, which turned out to look soft and light. The car was launched as JX in 2013. Infiniti added some chassis features to its modernized model of 2016 in order to make it the second-bestselling automobile.

As for the design, an upcoming version will have headlights in an aggressive look, LED mist lights, and a new face with the wide open air intake under the meshy grille with a big Infiniti sign. The design of the bumper in the back as well as the back door was revised. Also, new lights were added in the back, and wheels for 18 and 20 inches.

The interior changes are subtle. Although, new door materials and cluster ledge appeared. The automobile also got new ports of the USB and a gear shifter in a different style.

Both power trains of QX60 will be carried over. However, the sound of the engine still sounds harsh, which is hard to ignore. The quitter hybrid power train is also available.

The changes in the chassis will add a connected feeling to the QX60. The steering gear and dampers were modified, as well as the rates.


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