In Arizona Spies Caught a Glimpse of VW SUV with three rows


car spy photos VW three-row SUV 2017

The prototypes of an upcoming SUV by VW were caught by spies in Arizona.

The company presented the concept of the automobile more than 3 years ago and now it’s working on the last characteristics of the SUV with three rows. The automobile will be collected at Chattanooga plant some time in the end of this year and it will possible be disposable for the purchase in 2017.

The model that will be competing with the Ford’s Explorer and the Highlander by Toyota will be built on the architecture MQB. It is expected that the automobile will be powered by the power units that are turbocharged and have six or four cylinders that will work in pair with the arrangement on all- or front-wheels.

On the car spy photos VW threerow SUV 2017 we can see that the prototype was riding on the hybrid power train with a diesel unit, however, it is very not likely that the company will produce the diesel version. A plug-in or hybrid can be expected with a gasoline unit some time in the future.
The prototypes seen by spies were having camouflage in the front and in the back in order to conceal the design. The dimensions of the upcoming SUV will probably remain the same as the prototype’s.


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