Important Driving Rules & Regulations in the US


It’s not difficult to drive in the United States of America. Huge, well-maintained streets, great infrastructure, and clear signage make driving simple and easy. However, we have put down a few important rules that everyone should know and follow while driving in the US.

Driving Rules in the US

Traffic Signal Colors
  • Colors of the traffic signal are: red, green and yellow
  • Red tells – you have to stop driving
  • Green signals – continue driving
  • Yellow indicates a warning that vehicles will need to stop soon
You are not allowed to speed up your vehicle to pass through the yellow light
Steering Wheel Position

In the US, the steering wheel is positioned on the left-hand side of the vehicle. But to your surprise, the entire traffic moves on the right-hand side of the road.

Changing Lanes

When changing lanes follow the directions of the turning signal, and always inform other drivers of your intentions to avoid mishaps. For better safety ensure you check your vehicle’s blind spot and your rear view and side mirrors.


Intersections will usually have turn signs. You need to follow the turn signs systematically while driving. If there are no signs, you can continue driving on the right. But if you see a red arrow – you cannot move left or right.


At four-way juncture – drivers need to follow the simple rule: first, come – first served.
The means – the vehicle that arrives first will leave first. The next subsequent vehicles will follow the method accordingly.

Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrians have the legal right of way. So if you see a pedestrian crossing the street, you need to stop at once. Disobeying the rule can result in a hefty penalty. 

School Buses

You need to pay extra cautious with school buses. If a school bus is ahead of your car with red lights flashing on it – you need to slow down your vehicle. You cannot surpass or cross over the school bus in this situation.

Come Across a Police Officer

If you come across a police officer who asks you to stop your car, halt the vehicle immediately. Stay in your vehicle until the cop arrives at you. Do not make hasty actions or movements as it can be considered suspicious.

Toll Points

There are many toll points across USA. However, they are not expensive. You can do the toll payment by cash or credit/ debit card as required.

Speed limits

The speed limit varies in different regions in the United States. On most roads, the desired speed limit is between 55 mph (90 km/h) and 75 mph (120 km/h). However, one has to keep in mind that radar guns are frequently monitoring the speed limits across the country.


Honking is banned in most regions. One should use it cautiously to avoid accidents.


Everyone needs to wear their seatbelts while driving. Sometimes, even folks riding in the back are asked to follow the rule.

Usage of Mobile phone

Speaking on the mobile phone while driving is strictly banned. Violating the rule can lead you to severe punishment.

During an Accident

Contact the emergency services if incase you come across an accident. You can reach the emergency helpline at 911.

Important Driving Documents Needed
  • Photo Id
  • Driving license
  • International driving document
  • All vehicle rental forms


The least age required for driving in the USA is 16. However, many rental vehicle organizations require individuals to be 25 yrs or above.

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