Hyundai i30 N spy shots and video


Hyundai-i30-N-5The hot Huyndai’s are coming! We’re hoping to see them next year & line them up with a Focus RS and Golf GTI.

How do you rate the sound of the yet-to-be-released i30 N?




  1. I can make my 1967 Cooper S sound better than that. Just take off the exhaust! But then I couldn’t drive on the road and neither will the Hyundai be able to be rego approved sounding like that. Come on this is just a teaser, any car can sound like that with a jam tin exhaust.

  2. Bring it on. Not possible to have too many hot hatches….especially when they are keeping it simple. If people don’t think that Hyundai/Kia can pull off a hot hatch, and other sports variants, they are delusional. They’ve hired the former head of BMW’s M Division for heavens sake. They are serious. The next generation from Hyundai/Kia is going to have cars the enthusiasts will want to buy.

  3. I’ve got/ had a pretty good car stable and to this day the Hyundai i30 diesel premium is one of the best point A to B cars I’ve ever put on fleet. And that’s saying something.


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