Hyundai Genesis Successor Seen


The Hyundai Genesis is set to be replaced by the ‘DH’ next year. It has recently been spotted by eagle eyed photographers disguised among a selection of Kias, including their new addition in a rear wheel drive version, the Quoris.
The new Genesis will use an updated version of the current Hyundai rear wheel drive set up. It is expected that there will be all wheel drive version as well though, but that is yet to be confirmed. It is also expected to be a much lighter model as well as having some sportier features.
It will look quite different too, with a sleeker image and something that is more upscale. The pictures do not reveal a lot because the car is in disguise but the more elegant back lights, LED running lights and curved style are all evident.
It is expected that the 3.8 and 5 litre will be pretty much the same and there will be eight spped automatic transmissions like there are now. It has been rumoured that there might be a ten speed automatic though.
It is expected that the car will make an appearance next year at some point, but no official date has yet been given.


  1. I saw one of these (in camo) south of Buffalo, NY. The only difference between this one in the pic and the one i saw was it had a center mounted rear fog light.


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