Hyundai Genesis Seen in the Snow


The new Hyundai Genesis is still being prepared for production. These latest shots actually do not show much more than was seen in pictures taken in December but the photographer was able to get some interesting information. It seems, like it will be getting an all wheel drive system as there was a sticker in the back window which said 4WD AT. It would explain why it was being tested in the snow and ice in Northern Sweden. This would go along with the 10-speed automatic transmission, f the rumours about this are true.
The pictures do reveal one other thing. The headlights are on and so they give a different view of the front of the car, which looks dynamic and upscale. The LED’s have an interesting effect on the lookof the vehicle. The car is expected to look rather like the HCD-14 Genesis Concept that was shown at Detroit last month. There has still been no official information about when this new Genesis might be shown though, so we will still have to wait and find out on that one.


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