Hypercar for the future – Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 Hybrid


Hypercar for the future - Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 Hybrid

What do you get when you merge a hybrid drive with a super car engine? A hypercar of course and Lamborghini seems to have taken this concept a bit further with its new surprise – the Asterion LPI 910-4 hybrid. Incorporating a radical new design and pumping in enough power to spin the world beneath its wheels, this hypercar is sure set to give the likes of McLaren, Ferrari, and Tesla a run for their money. But being just a concept design how does it match up to the current hypercars on the market such as LaFerrari and McLaren P1? And most importantly will this concept ever make it to the roads? Well, let’s find out.

What’s under the hyper-hood?

Named after a Minotaur from Greek mythology, Lamborghini sure seems to be quite stubborn about naming its cars after bulls. As usual the car is mid-engined with a longitudinal posterior, which is what the LP signifies. The car’s powerhouse on the other hand has been made into something extraordinary. Featuring a V10 5.2 liter engine and three motors that together produce 300bhp, the Asterion churns out a whopping 910bhp at peak performance. This is undoubtedly the most powerful car the Italian manufacturer has ever designed.

Speed redefined

Getting all that power to the wheels might prove to be near impossible to most, but to Lamborghini it’s just another day at office. Using the seven speed DSG transmission from the Huracan, the drive intelligently couples the powerhouses with the all the four wheels of the hypercar. And the result, as you might have already guessed it, is just pure, undeterred speed.

Lamborghini quoted that the Asterion can go from 0-100 in under three seconds, that’s faster than most jet aircraft. The speed coupled with the monstrosity of a machine, make sure you have enough coverage to land on your feet if something goes wrong.

From the ramp to the road

The design of the car has been made quite radical even in Lamborghini’s terms. Featuring sharp converging edges, a flat top deck, and huge vents that look like the eye of the hurricane, Asterion strikes the perfect balance between aggression and smoothness. The interiors of the car, is just pure Lamborghini featuring tanned leather upholstery, magnesium alloy knobs, carbon fiber trims, and a dashboard that look like something out of a Star Wars movie. The car is strictly two-seater, and has just enough boot space for probably a handbag. The doors of the car are also a compromise between too aggressive and causally normal. The doors move upwards like the scissor design but hinged on two points like normal doors, making this design a kind of an oddity.

What’s next?

With the competitors to the bull, already selling their hypercars with price tags, we could sincerely hope that this extreme concept will hit road pretty soon. And Lamborghini for one isn’t a big fan of concept cars either, so if the company showcases something you can sure expect to see it on the roads; only nobody knows when it is likely to happen, and under what costs. The positive thing to take from this concept is the hybrid drive which can be expected to be includedin the production Lamborghinis much earlier.


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