Hybrid Mercedes-Benz E400L Seen


The Mercedes-Benz E400L Hybrid is dye to be unveiled at Auto Shanghai later in the month. Ahead of this some spy photos have appeared online which are interesting.
The car is the most powerful Mercedes-Benz model to be made in China as well as the first Merc hybrid to be made there. There will be an electric motor, of course linked to a V6 3.0 litre twin turbo engine which will have 333bhp. It will have 354 lb-ft of torque as well.
There have been announcements that other companies, such as Audio and BMW, plan to produce a hybrid in China but Mercedes is the first German company to do so. It is taking a big risk though asmany Chinese feel that hybrids are too expensive for them.
In China the hybrid will be on the E-class with the long wheelbase whereas in the USA it is on the standard body and priced at $55,800.


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