How to Protect Your Car from Winter Without A Garage


It is a fact that the winter season can be brutal for our vehicles. It may cause a little or huge damage to our most valuable item. It was the best to keep the cars in a garage but if you do not have one you need some clever hacks to overcome this problem.

How to Protect Your Car from Winter Without A GarageSource:

It is not a tough task to prevent your vehicles from damage. Some winter hacks could be beneficial in this regard. Even though there are several solutions, but out of them, some are advantageous, easy, and effective.

1. Cover Your Car

What could be the easiest task than covering your car?

In case you do not have a garage, you can buy car covers and protect the vehicle. It will no doubt save your car from almost all kinds of damages which could be a result of rain, sun, wind, and snow, etc.

Once you choose this option, it must be kept in mind that the cover should be water resistant. There are different kinds of covers out of which one needs to select the cover, which is most suitable for their vehicle.

2. Parking Slot

One needs to be aware of the fact that when you park the car, the slot you have chosen should be all clear. The car shouldn’t be parked under trees or low hanging structures because if it has snow all over it might slide onto your vehicle and damage the windshield.

Never risk damage to your vehicle, park safely out of any harm ways, and it was be all fine. It should be parked where there is no risk of land sliding. These spontaneous events can take place, so one needs to be careful on their own.

While your park does not leave without car steering wheel locks. It helps the owner to sleep peacefully at night because of the risk of theft minimizes to zero.

These locks are a professional hack to safe yourself from any tremendous loss.

3. Place Towel on Your Windshield

Frost is a big issue during winters, and we need some type of solution to get rid of it. One of the solutions can be to park your car facing east. A very common method to defrost your windshield is by using vinegar, but it becomes a very difficult job if you have to do it daily.

An easy way to get rid of it is to gently lift the windshield wiper and place a small towel under the wiper and hold it with the wiper. The towel should be a thick one so that it is capable of being used all night and has a good absorbing material of cloth. This is the easiest way of keeping your windshield safe from frost and abundant condensation overnight. When you wake up you simply have to remove the towel and let it try so it can reuse.

4. Tire Protection

When left outdoors during the chilly weather, the car might sit in the snow all night long. When you wake up and drive your car through the streets, it might give you a hard time by serious beating.

Snow chains and specific tires that are made to resist snow should be used to avoid slipping and sliding along the snow-covered streets.

The car gets out of control when the tires stay in cold weather for a long time, and they become unpredictable too since they lose the grip.

Winter tires use a specialized rubber compound designed to have good traction in freezing temperatures and on icy roads. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 does a great job in any sort of inclement winter weather.

It performs admirably in braking, acceleration and cornering in snowy conditions. It is near to the same importance as Nokian Hakkapeliitta, which on testing was considered to be the best, but it was expensive.

It surely produces the best winter tires, and it does not compromise on its performance and once used no one chances their manufacturer.


These are some top solutions to our worries, but in any case, we should always have a backup package. Winters do bring several challenges for our vehicle, and it may leave your car with dead batteries.

Harsh cold temperatures can easily zap weak car batteries so backup should always be an answer.

If one gets into trouble and no other car can be seen nearby, then the purchased portable power station can jump off your car all by itself and get you out of an icy situation quickly.


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