How to keep kids entertained on long car journeys


Parents and children on the car

Most people find it a bit of a struggle to spend many consecutive hours in the car; however, when you have kids with you it becomes even more of a challenge! So, if you want to avoid endless choruses of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ during your journey, it’s a good idea to come prepared with entertainment and distractions to keep the little ones entertained. Need some inspiration? Read on for our top tips.

Plan plenty of games and activities

The more ideas you have on hand for games and other fun activities that the kids can do during your road trip, the better. Prepare a wide variety of different options to stand the best chance of finding the perfect one to alleviate boredom at any given moment. Some top options include coloring books and pencils, puzzle books, a pack of cards, and their favorite toys. For something more interactive, you could bring some musical instruments or sing along to Disney playlists. There are lots of games that get the whole family involved, including classics such as I Spy, Twenty Questions, Road Trip Bingo and the Alphabet Game.

Say yes to some screen time

Normally parents are reluctant to allow their kids to have a lot of screen time, but electronics can be ideal for long car journeys. If you have a safe family car with a lot of space, you could turn your back seat into a DIY movie theater complete with popcorn and play a film out loud. Alternatively, hand out headphones and let the kids escape into their own world for a bit – and give you some peace and quiet! Other choices include e-books for older children, audiobooks that the whole family can enjoy, or portable games consoles like the Nintendo Switch. To avoid motion sickness, it’s best to break up screen time with other activities where possible.

Schedule frequent pit stops

No one likes being stuck in the car for too long, so try to plan in plenty of rest stops along the way if your schedule and route allows it. These stops are great chances for the whole family to get some fresh air, use the restroom, and stretch their legs. One top tip is to take along a ball or some other outdoor toys to encourage your kids to run around during these breaks – this has the added bonus of helping to tire them out and encourage them to nap when they get back in the car!

Don’t forget the essentials

In addition to entertainment, there are plenty of other necessities you’ll need to take for a long car journey. Key among these is water and lots of snacks – probably more than you expect! Try to pack lots of different options, both sweet and savory, to keep everyone happy. Blankets and travel pillows can also be very helpful if you’re hoping the kids will snooze for at least some of the trip.

Finally, be sure to have spare batteries and chargers to ensure that you can use all the electronics and toys you’ve brought with you!


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