How to Increase the Performance of Your Land Rover


Are you only using your Land Rover just for moving from point A to B? Wear-and-tear, contaminants and regular use may make your engine pump to quit working optimally.

How to Increase the Performance of Your Land Rover

Take the performance of your AirDog Pump to the next level with the following engine troubleshooting tips.

Inspect the AirDog Pump

The airdog filters will unlock the maximum performance of your Land Rover’s engine by filtering air, particulates, and water from your engine. Start by verifying whether the power and ground lead connections are working effectively.

If you find that the connections are working correctly, then ensure that the flow of power to the pump is smooth. All you need to do is jump the relay base wires without starting the engine. The fuse in the wiring harness can also fail. Once you confirm that the fuse is good, double-check the connection of the relay trigger wires to ensure they’re also working correctly.

In order to know whether the relay is functioning properly, try testing it with a multimeter set to DC 12V to see if pull 12 volts to pin 87. Find out if pin 85 and 86 have power, as well. If these pins have power continuity, use a jumper wire to check the power connection from pin 87 to pin 30. Change the relay if the motor starts running or replace the wiring if the motor doesn’t run.

Remap or Tune the Engine

Although remapping is not illegal, you need to check with your insurer because some alterations may have an impact on your auto insurance policy. Your Land Rover will perfectly handle the extra power. Tuning or remapping will help identify any apparent problems in your engine.

However, before remapping, it’s advisable to consult with an expert who knows how to conduct a fault code read to rectify any existing faults. For the best economy and efficiency, try driving gently with low down torque. But, in case you want to keep driving fast and take full advantage of the extra power, consider using high-quality lubricants and frequent servicing.

After the tuning, you’ll notice an improvement in the performance of your engine. With a fuel additive or premium fuel, your Land Rover should become more powerful and fuel-efficient.


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