How To Do An Extensive Car Detailing


Start by cleaning the interiorHave you ever tried car detailing? Most auto owners only take their vehicles for regular washing without worrying too much about their interior and exterior conditions.

Nevertheless, auto detailing involves much more than removing dirt and grime from the exterior of vehicles. It comprises both interior and exterior cleaning, as well as restoring a car’s shine. Individuals are supposed to use the right techniques, cleaning products, and supplies for the outcome to be satisfying. Make sure you check out the best vacuums for cars in the online market, particularly designed for the purpose of car detailing.

Once you are equipped with the right tools and supplies, follow these tips for successful cleaning.

Start by cleaning the interior

The process of auto detailing is supposed to start with interior cleaning, more specifically, with removing the trash out of the vehicle. Make sure you wear latex gloves when collecting any cans, tissues, coins, or wet wipes you find on the floor. Remember to inspect the glove compartment and console box as well, given that most individuals forget to empty these areas of unnecessary items.

After getting rid of the garbage, it’s time to take out the floor mats in order to clean them thoroughly. Rubber mats are best cleaned with a car wash soap, while carpeted mats should be cleaned with an upholstery cleaning agent. While the mats are left outside to dry, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and the trunk. You’d be surprised by the amount of built-up dirt under the mats, particularly if your car hasn’t been detailed for a more extended period.

In order to eliminate the nasty odor inside your vehicle, make sure you dust the interior with the help of a microfiber duster. Start by dusting the console and dashboard but don’t skip the rear deck, interior panels, and inside roof of the auto. Since dust is challenging to remove from crevices, it’s paramount to use an air compressor and a detailing brush to reach the most inaccessible places.

Taking care of the car seats is an essential aspect of auto detailing, as these are most susceptible to wear and tear, staining, spills, and dirt. Bear in mind that not all types of seats are cleaned by using the same products, as it depends on the material. In the event of detecting stains, you are advised to treat them with a citrus cleaner for as much as ten minutes before scrubbing the seats with a brush. When dealing with hard-to-remove stains, it’s best to use the assistance of a steam cleaner. Go to this page to learn some practical tips about cleaning cloth car seats.

Wash the auto

Wash the auto

The following step of the car detailing process is washing the vehicle by using the right techniques and applying the right supplies. It’s important to fill up two separate buckets with water so as to use one for washing, while the other one for rinsing. In terms of supplies, make sure you take a couple of microfiber towels and wash mitts.

Prior to washing the auto, you are supposed to provide it with a prewashing treatment in order to remove some of the dirt and grime. Nevertheless, most car owners make the mistake of skipping this step by immediately taking a sponge in their hands. Consequently, the chances of getting the surface scratched are much higher. Take a couple of minutes to prewash the body by using a pressure washer or low-pressure water jet from a hose.

Additionally, start from the bottom of the vehicle by cleaning its wheels and tires, which collect the most dirt and grime. You are advised to use a larger brush for scrubbing the tires, whereas a smaller brush for the wheels’ interior.

Protect the exteriorAfter cleaning the tires and wheels, car owners are supposed to wash their vehicles with the right car shampoo. It’s paramount not to use any dish detergents or household cleaning agents for this purpose in order to prevent damaging the surface. After reading the shampoo instructions, make sure you mix the water in one of the buckets with an adequate amount of shampoo. Once soaking the wash mitt in the solution, wash the surface in sections.

Moreover, refrain from washing the surface in circular motions but do it in straight lines without allowing the detergent to get dry. Otherwise, the whole paint will be covered in stains. Also, while cleaning the auto, make sure the surface is continuously dry to avoid water spots.

The ultimate step is drying the vehicle by wiping its surface with a microfiber cloth. Keep in mind that air drying is likely to result in rust, which is why you need to remove the last drop of water from the auto immediately after washing it.

Protect the exterior

The final phase of the car detailing process is protecting and maintaining the exterior by using wax or ceramic coating. Both products are essential for preventing paint damage, which is a common problem for car owners. When looking for a lower-cost alternative, the wax is considered to be the best solution. It provides excellent shine, but it lasts no more than a couple of weeks. In contrast, the ceramic coating is pricier, more time-consuming to apply, but its effect lasts longer.

After applying either wax or ceramic coating on the surface, it’s time to start polishing the exterior. The most effective results are achieved by using a buffer since you can easily adjust the speed in accordance with the area you’re polishing. In order to prevent damage, make sure you wax the vehicle when cold and not exposed to the sun. Also, avoid using abrasive manual pads in the course of polishing in order not to scratch the surface. Your auto will look shiny as long as you practice car detailing at least twice a year.

Final thoughts

Your vehicle deserves proper care and protection.

Take care of its interior and exterior by using these tips to practice regular auto detailing!


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