Hottest Caymen Yet Spied Near Nurburgring


Photos have been taken of the new 2015 Porsche Cayman GT4 which was seen testing near to the Nurburgring recently. The snaps were by CAR magazine’s photographers.
The car looks like it has big changes compared with the previous models with the GT4 being a factory finished Cayman with turbocharger which is the first time in the eight year history of this model. It will also be the first Porsche with the GT4 badge that is suitable for road use.
It is expected that the Cayman GT4, which has forced induction, will raise some questions with Porsche fans which are already unhappy about the turbocharger and how revvy it is and have been complaining on various online forums about it.
CAR magazine thinks that the engine will be a 3.8 litre twin turbo six which will be caoable of 450 bhp.
The pictures reveal some interesting things including the spoiler which makes the Cayman R’s one look pretty weedy by comparison. There is also a track-spec wing in the bootlid which ensures that the car stays on the road when it is racing around the track. The front end spoilers are very aggressive as well.
However, these changes are not major compared to what is going on inside the GT4. There are large cooling vents which will allow more air to the engine and brakes which can be seen through the five spoke alloy wheels which are new and lighter weight.
There is also a big roll cage on this car as well as a diffuser which is wrapped around the twin exhausts which have a central exit position.
The GT4 brand is being developed by Porsche for its junior cars means that GT3 and GT2 badges will be saved for the senior 911 models.
There has also been news from Porsche that the 981-spec Cayman will have an extended product cycle. If this is true it will mean that there will be many derivatives of this model available.
The previous era of the 987 has Cayman, Cayman R and Cayman S versions as well as a black model, but it is thought there will be many spin offs for this new model.
Already the Cayman GTS has been developed and this new GT4 will be around soon enough which is likely to be the most extreme in the family so far. It shouldn’t be too close to the 911 though although being hard core it should not have the same character as the 911 does.


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