Honda CR-V (2012) on UK roads – Spy Shots


Honda CR-V (2012) on UK roads – Spy Shots
Honda is planning to launch their fourth generation CR-V. The model will be built in Swindon in UK. It is first time undisguised on the British roads.
Luckily, our spy photographer was able to capture some spy shots of the new 2012 CR-V. It was headed along the Fosse Way during this week. Some of the features and specifications we know about the new 2012 Honda CR-V:
As you will be able to see in these spy shots, the new Honda CR-V comes with some masking tape. This crossover will lose the old rounded-edge styling, which was present in the previous model. Therefore, it comes with a much sharper look.
The kink that you will be able to find in the rear pillar is similar to the Hoffmeister kink of BMW. New CR-V also comes with a more aggressive looking body. However, from some angles it echoes the look of the latest Sportage model provided by Kia.
The Engineering of Honda CR-V (2012):
The current CR-V model that was launched was certainly the first midsized SUV that comes with hatch-alike emissions.
However, the company is planning to build the new CR-V (2012) even cleaner, which is based on the Earth Dreams tech roadmap. This means, the weight of the vehicle will be down as well as it also comes with a suite of new engines. Most likely it comes with the new 1.6 i-CDTi diesel version from 2013.
Although the new model comes with the four wheel drive option, Honda is also offering a front-wheel drive option for the first time for trimming the emissions. There is also a possibility of a hybrid version, which keeps up with the other electric-petrol models such as Insight, Jazz as well as CR-V.
The new CR-V model is roughly the same size of the outgoing SUV. However, Honda is promising more interior space as well as niceties like an electric tailgate as well as flop-down rear seats. These options are basically offered in the US as well as Europe CR-V models.
When can you buy the new Honda CR-V model?
That depends on the place you like. Since December 2011, the car has been on sale in United States. However, European customers have to wait a little longer more. A concept version of the new CR-V model was displayed at 2012 Geneva motor show. Honda Europe is also planning to unveil the complete Euro-spec CR-V before the sales in autumn 2012.
According to the experts from CAR, the price is to be broadly in line with the current model, expect the latest Honda CR-V to cost anywhere from £23-24,000.
Considering the fact that CR-V has its market in approximately 160 countries, the latest model of Honda is certainly in great demand. In United Kingdom, the new model has in fact dominated 4×4 market, which had a major 20,000 sales in the year 2007. Towards the end, the UK sales have presently fallen back to 13,000 annually.


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