Hiring a Limousine 101


Limousines are a preferred method for traveling by individuals with high status in the society or a vast wealth. They are often considered as the most luxurious ways of transport as they provide numerous facilities. The peak for this service is during the summer when there are more weddings, late-night parties, and weddings. This means that the winter is the perfect time to hire a limo for your business meetings as it is an off-season and prices are lower.

1. The perfect holiday gift

Wondering what you should buy to your family for Christmas? Hire a limousine for your wife and her friends, so that they could go shopping and then get a massage at a local spa.

You think that it might be expensive? Think again! Once you calculate how much you will spend on individual gifts that they might not like, the price is absolutely reasonable. Moreover, they will talk about your present for the next 365 days.

Note that people are more surprised when they see a limo pull up to their doorstep without being prepared for that. This means that you should hire one for an occasion you have created yourself, instead of getting one for an important night like a graduation or a wedding.

2. Traveling on weekdays is cheaper

Limo drivers are always working during the weekends, making them regular working days. Most chauffeurs take a break in the first two days of the week unless there are any celebrities in town for special events. Most limo providers would offer very nice discounts for weekday work, so try to benefit from that.

3. Traveling with friends

Limousines can accommodate up to ten passengers depending on the vehicle’s model. Six-passenger cars are the cheapest, and they provide most value when you can fill them with your friends inside. The cost can decrease if you hire an older vehicle in good condition. Limo providers will try to up-sale a Hummer or an extra-stretch limo, but prices might skyrocket with these cars so be careful.

4. Additional Costs

When hiring a limousine, you will be asked what is the exact location you want to go. This is because the company seeks to estimate the miles expected to be traveled and include the gasoline into the price given. Ask whether the additional costs are included in the price as you don’t want to have any hidden fees.

All in all, you will have to pay any extra gasoline including parking and road tolls. Reputable companies will tell you about each and every fee so that you are not surprised by the additional costs.

5. Do a research

The law requires all limousine rental companies to arrange insurance for their vehicles and their clients. However, many companies omit that because the insurance is often quite expensive. Moreover, all chauffeurs must be highly trained, and they must possess limo driver’s license.

Stay away from companies that require the full payment in advance. Most companies will require a deposit of 20 to 50% paid through a credit or debit card.

All reputable companies will allow you to visit and inspect their fleet to determine the right vehicle for you. We highly recommend doing that, to ensure no unpleasant surprises are waiting for you.


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