Hellcat Hemi V8 Engine Being Tested in the Dodge Challenger


A big problem that has often been voiced about the Dodge Challenger is that it is so heavy. With 4,200 pounds of car it means that even the STR8 with its 470 horsepower does not give it that much speed. Compared t the 420hp Ford Mustang GT that only has 3618 pounds it does not look good. Then the Chevrolet Camaro and Mustang both have higher performance than it and so it seems to be being left behind.
This means that Chrysler have had to come up with something that will keep them ahead of the game. They have decided to therefore add more power to their two-door vehicle. The engine is the Hellcat Hemi V8 and it is supercharges and based on a 6.4 litre V8 engine. It is possible to easily get 500hp and it is possible that it will have 600hp if used on this car.
There have been several Chrysler vehicles seen with this engine. The bonnets of the cars have to be slightly raised to allow for the engine size and camouflage on the front of the vehicles covers up the large air intake on the front. It is expected that it will be able to do up to 640hp which would be the same as the Viper.
Being tested in the Challenger does not mean it will be limited to this vehicle though. It is expected that it may also be used in the Charger and 300. There has been no talk of dates and so it is impossible to say when a vehicle might arrive with this engine in and it is also not known as to whether it will replace the current V8 or be available alongside it.


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