Hardly Camouflaged Porsche Targa 4S Spotted


The Porsche 911 Targa has been seen with hardly any disguise on it. The car has old school looks and is a hard top, so is a very refined model. It is expected to debut ion early 2014 and has been seen doing some testing.
The test cars have a 911 cabriolet look on the roof, but this is disguise as the outline of the Targa hoop is clear as well as the wraparound rear window. These have not been available on a 911 since 1994.
The roof panel will be fully removable and will be stowed inside the car. It is different to the older style Targa though and so is unlikely to retract the roof in to the cabin ceiling. It is expected that it might be a manually removable roof but there have been some leaked patents for the deisgnw hich show an electronically retractable model which could be stowed under the wrap around rear glass.
There will be a range of models available in the same way that there is for the 997 Targa. It will have all-wheel drive and the clude for this is not only the inflated wheel arches but the rear strip that connects the rear lights.
There are quad exhausts on the car pictured which means that it is the Targa 4S model that is being tested here. This has 395bhp with a 3.8 litre flat six engine that was the same as the coupe. There will be an entry level Targa 4 as well which will provide 345bhp from a 3.4 litre six engine. It has also been rumours that there might be a Targa Turbo which will be the first time in the history of the 911 that this is available and it will have a 513bhp twin turbocharged engine which will have twin clutch PDK transmission abd rear wheel steering as standard.
It is expected that the 991 Targa will be abour £6k more than a hard top 911 Carrera 4 and so the basic car will be around £80,000. Once you add in the smarter allots, yellow calipered brakes and PDK and the Targa 4S will be in the six figure range.


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