GTS Trim Seem on Porsche Cayman and Boxster


There was some leaked information a few months ago which had come from an internal presentation at Porsche. This had details about some of the new models, some of which have now been proved to be true such as the Macan and 911 Targa. However information about the Cayman and Boxster having a GTS version had not been backed up with any evidence, that is until now.
Spy photographers have managed to get some pictures of the Porsche Boxster and Cayman together with GTS signs. They were pictured together when out testing.
It can be seen from the pictures that both of the cars with have a slightly different look to the outside. They have new fascias, and the Cayman has LED daytime running lights as well as both having air diffusers at the back. The cars will have 340 horsepower which an increase of 15. It is expected that they will both have manual transmission and Porsche Active Suspension Management.
The leaked information revealed that these two GPS models would be debuted in April and then on sale in June at a price of around $75,000.


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