Great Spy Pics of the 2014 Cadillac ATS-V


The Cadillac V’s are a burlier car to the ATS version. They are the equivalent of the M cars in the BMW range. This means they will have quite a different set up with an overhaul in their styling, driveline and suspension so they will really vary significantly in terms of handling and speed. So basically it is the competitor in the 3-series with rear drive and much higher performance.
The ATS did a good job of competing with the BMW series with regards to handing and refinement in recent tests which compared the two vehicles. It has found its powertrains to be a bit below par, to say the least, though and so the V model should benefit this. It will also be a good competitor for the M3 which is something that has not been done before. Not only does its size measure up but also the price and so it is likely to compare favourably. The CTS-V has also come up well in test drives and so the ATS-V is expected to be even better.
The V will be similar to the ATS in that it will be on the GM rear-drive Alpha platform. The spy photos show that there will be some visual differences though. There seems to be a low front spoiler, for example as well as lower central intake and more aggressive secondary intakes and fog light surrounds. The fenders look slightly wider in these pictures which would link in with the wider front and back rubber, but the pictures do not show this clearly. It also looks like it may have a quad exhaust system similar to the M class BMW’s which differs from previous V class cars, that have had twin outlets.
The car will definitely need the enlarged intakes that it seems to have. This is partly because high performance cars will always need more cooling but also because the ATS has an intercooler. It has been felt for a long time that there will be a twin turbocharged V6 in this car, very different to the V8 that is in the CTS-V. Now GM documents have been leaked which show that it will probably be between 380 and 420 horsepower and that is a significant increase in the current most powerful engine that they can offer which is a 320 horsepower 3.6 litre V6.
The car will enter the market to compete with the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, Lexus IS F and BMW M3. It is expected to arrive later in the year for a minimum of $55,000. It will be most likely ay the LA auto show and then start being sold in 2014.


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