Great News About Rolls-Royce V16 Roadster 2017


Great News About Rolls-Royce V16 Roadster 2017
The latest CAR magazine has got an exciting new story about the new Rolls-Royce developments. Their article has details about new models that are being planned by the company. There are an SUV and 16 cylinder roadster as it is planning to add to its Ghost and Phantom ranges. This is very interesting as it has not been predicted by many.
The company has said that it is looking at its competition closely. With Bentley planning an SUV, they are deciding whether to have one as well. They are also keeping a close eye on all of their competitors models to decide where there can compete, so they could be producing new models to make sure that they still stay in their market.
It seems that there is a 16-cyliner engine supercar planned by Rolls-Royce. They have been considering a massive engine and have even admitted that they should have put something bigger in the Phantom because it is otherwise too similar to the Ghost which is significantly cheaper.
It is not expected that they will go for something huge like the Veyron has, but they will still have at least 700bhp. Their customer base are keen on luxury and craftsmanship and so high speeds are not really a big appeal for them.
The Rolls-Royce has been sketched out with a stubby tail, long nose and raked windscreen. The roadster would have just two seats and a soft top roof that would be very well insulated. It would be expected that the chassis would be similar to that of the phantom.
This is quite different though to the Ghost coupe, called Wraith that will be unveiled on the 5th March at the Geneva Motor show. This will be the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever and is a cut down version of the Ghost. However, once the V16 Roadster comes out, that will certainly overtake it in the power stakes.


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