GMC Canyon Denali Seen Testing


GMC Canyon Each model in the GMC range seems to have a luxurious option and so it is no surprise to see that this is also the case with the Canyon model. There have been some pictures taken by spy photographers about a Denali version of the vehicle taken lately. There is camouflage over the front end of the model and there is obviously an opening in that, which does give away a few things. The chrome mesh grille of the Denali can be seen which is different to the horizontal slats of the standard model. The lower air intake can also be seen at the bottom and it looks as though this has a chrome lining. The styling is exactly the same on sides and back, but this could possibly change in the future. No pictures were taken of the inside of the car but it would be expected that there would be changes there. Improvements in the tech as well as better materials being used is a likely guess. The price of course will be raised with all of these expensive items being added to the model.


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