Glimpse Seen of BMW Active Tourer Concept


The Active Tourer is one of the new BMW concepts that they will be adding to a range of front drive compacts. These recent pictures are the best look that has been got of it so far. It looks like a move onwards from the Active Tourer concept that as seen last year at the Paris auto show. It has a tall body which is 171.3 inches long and 72.2 inches wide. It is 62 inches high with a 105.1 inch wheelbase underneath. It has a three cylinder engine to power it with an automatic transmission joined to an electric motor. It also looks a bit tougher on the exterior and so is almost reaching towards a crossover.
Its design really would not cause any sort of emotion if it was any other brand of car. However, BMW does have followers who are very adverse to any change in the design or like the cars to have a striking design. This one may not fit in with the usual sporty and stylish range and so may take a lot of getting used to. There may be some people who totally disapprove of the look, but it may bring in new customers who do not like the typical BMW look.
However, time spent behind the wheel more than makes up for what it lacks in design. It is front wheel drive and will share architecture with the Mini Cooper; engineered by BMW. It is expected that the car will therefore have agile handling, well controlled body motions and direct steering. However, this will need to be proven and there is always a chance that it may not do that well and be a big dent in the reputation of BMW. It really depends on whether the handling of the car can make up for the disappointment that many will feel about the way that it looks.  The 20 inch wheels will feature Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres and if they do carry over to the final car that will certainly help things along.
The engine should impress though with its 1.5 litre direct injected three cylinders that ate transversely mounted and turbocharged. The car is flexible to drive as well as powerful and makes a good sound at high revs. The engine will be available on a selection of BMW vehicles as well as the next generation Mini Cooper.
Most 1-series GT cars are either petrol or diesel, this one has an electric motor as well. It has a battery pack below the bonnet and has 190 horsepower which can reach 60mph in less than eight seconds and reach 125 mph. It can go 20 miles on pure electric when fully charged. It manages a 94 mpg on a European Cycle which may be a bit generous and will obviously depend on the way the car is driven as well as the mode. You can select sport, comfort or eco pro modes.
The inside of the car is both practical and clever. It has a driver orientated dashboard with an eight inch screen which will display telematics, navigation and electronics. It will have a feed of traffic and route information so that the powertrain can be more efficient. There is also a choice of colour for the switches that change according to the driving mode being used.
Inside the car there are ways to change the interior. The rear seats can be folded down to make a flat floor surface if lots of storage space is required inside. There is even a set up where outdoors equipment, such as mountain bikes can be stored in a hidden area where they cannot be seen and therefore not attract thieves and are also protected from the weather. This highlights the eco-friendly and maybe outdoor theme of the car.
BMW is changing quite a bit with the launch of this eco brand. It will be hoped by many that some traditional features will still be retained.


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